Diagnodent Cavity Detection

Cavity Detection & Prevention with Diagnodent®

Preventing tooth decay is essential as it protects patients from pain and damage. Regular preventive dentistry appointments and treatments that stop decay before it starts can save patients time and money by avoiding the need for complex dental restorations or tooth extraction.

At Anderson Dental, we utilize the Diagnodent® early cavity detection system in order to identify the very first signs of tooth decay before it spreads damaging teeth. By finding these weakened areas of dental structure, we can guide patients to change their oral hygiene routines to target these specific areas and prevent decay. Contact our Anthem dentist and team to find out more or schedule your checkup today.

How Does Diagnodent® Improve Oral Health?

Dr. Lori Anderson works hard to help patients achieve and maintain their optimal level of oral health keeping smiles whole and healthy for life. When patients experience tooth decay or damage, we always encourage them to select the most conservative treatment option that fully repairs their smiles while conserving the maximum amount of healthy dental structure. However, keeping teeth healthy is preferable. Traditionally, dentists relied on a combination of x-rays, visual examination, and “scratching” or probing enamel to diagnose tooth decay. By the time decay is found using these methods, patients need to restore their smile with a filling, crown, or other restorative procedure. Diagnodent® allows us to pinpoint the position of tooth decay more precisely than x-rays and without scratching tooth enamel. With greater than 90% accuracy, Diagnodent® reveals areas that have been weakened by bacteria or plaque and may decay.

What are the Benefits of Treatment with Diagnodent®?

  • The more precise diagnosis allows Dr. Anderson to create more accurate treatment plans
  • Diagnodent® is completely safe
  • Results are clear and accurate
  • Reduced risk for future decay or dental damage
  • No scratching or probing necessary for early diagnosis

How Does Diagnodent® Work?

Diagnodent® is a laser dental prevention system. We point the laser at each tooth, and it reports measurements of bone density. Teeth that have high bone density reflect less light than those with lower bone density. The teeth with lower density levels are more likely to decay, and we can offer fluoride treatments, specific oral hygiene products for at-home care, and guide patients’ daily brushing and flossing to prevent decay from occurring. We use Diagnodent® as part of every dental checkup in order to help patients keep their smiles whole and healthy.

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