Advanced Technology

Advanced Dental Technology

Offering patients dental care in complete comfort with maximal effectiveness is always the goal at Anderson Dental. One way our team ensures patients receive the highest quality care free from stress or pain is by using the latest dental techniques and advanced technology.

We use advanced diagnostic and treatment tools to help patients keep their smiles healthy and repair decay with increased precision and preservation of healthy dental structures. Contact our Tramonto dentistry team to find out more or schedule an appointment today.

Intraoral Camera

We use a specialized intraoral camera that allows us to capture high definition images of patients’ teeth that allow them to view their smile from the dentist’s perspective. Intraoral photography is one of the most significant ways dental technology has impacted patients’ experiences with the dentist. We strive to make patients true partners in their oral health care. That starts by clearly explaining any areas of concern and possible treatment options. We believe the more patients know about their oral health the better equipped they are to choose treatment options that will exceed their expectations.

Digital X-Rays

Traditional x-rays allowed our team to see the inner structures of patients’ smiles, but they also exposed patients to large amounts of radiation, were difficult to capture, required our team to develop physical copies using hazardous chemicals, and had to be physically stored and transported. Digital x-rays reduce radiation exposure for patients, and because they are immediately transferable between computers, digital x-rays make treatment planning faster and easier. Most importantly, the images produced are much higher definition than traditional x-rays allowing the dentist to more accurately diagnosis oral health concerns in earlier stages.

Soft Tissue Laser

Laser dentistry allows our team to offer soft tissue treatments that are more comfortable, typically do not require stitches, and heal more quickly. Soft tissue lasers are used for a number of treatments including periodontal therapy following gum disease, gum recontouring, and crown lengthening. The laser pinpoints specific areas of soft tissue to be removed, and it cauterize the tissue throughout treatment promoting healing and decreasing bleeding. Unlike traditional gum therapies, stitches are unnecessary following laser soft tissue treatments. 

The Wand ™

More than 40 million US adults report experiencing dental phobia or anxiety. When asked the cause of their stress, many patients say their fear of various dental instruments, including the needles used to inject local anesthesia, keeps them from visiting the dentist. At Anderson Dental, we use the Wand® to administer stress free, painless local anesthesia. The Wand® resembles a pen, so patients don’t even experience the possible stress of seeing a needle. This tool allows us to precisely numb the area around the specific tooth we’re treating rather than numbing the entire mouth making local anesthesia more comfortable and effective.

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