5 Important Facts About Dental Implants

If you’re missing one tooth or a full row of teeth, don’t put off your smile restoration. There are a wide variety of options available to restore your smile and renew oral health, but dental implants are fast becoming the gold standard in dental restoration. Keep reading to find out more about five important factors that make dental implants the ideal tooth replacement solution for many patients with one or more missing teeth.

1 – 95% Success Rate

Many patients tell us they’ve heard horror stories about dental implant tooth replacement, but these treatments actually have a 95% success rate. This is due in large part to advancements in the methods and materials used in the dental implant placement process.

2 – Preserved Oral Health

Unlike other tooth replacement prosthetics that only replace the parts of teeth visible above the gums, dental implants restore the root system. That provides the necessary stimulation to preserve gum tissue volume and jawbone density. This preserved oral structure prevents the shifting of teeth, keeps the face looking smooth and youthful, and reduces risk for further tooth loss.

3 – Long Lasting

Traditional dental crowns, bridges, and dentures need to be refitted, repaired, or replaced every few years to ensure continued function. Dental implant supported restorations retain the natural shape of the smile, and don’t need to be replaced as often. In fact, most patients need to replace a traditional denture every five to seven years. Implant supported dentures can last for decades.

4 – Natural Looking and Feeling

Dental implant supported tooth replacement prosthetics look, feel, and function more like natural dental structures. Both the roots and biting surfaces of teeth are replaced, creating a fully renewed smile that looks completely natural.

5 – Restore 70% or More of Chewing Ability

Traditional, removable dentures only renew about 30% of natural chewing ability. That’s the best case scenario. Dental implant supported fixed dentures restore 70% or more of natural chewing ability. That means patients can confidently bite into chewy foods without fear their denture will shift or come lose.

Meet Dr. Anderson

The first step in the dental implant restoration process is to schedule a consultation with a trusted dentistry practice. At Anderson Dental, we are happy to provide implant supported tooth replacement for patients who need to restore one or more missing teeth. We’ll review your smile and help you find the best treatment to meet your needs. Contact our Phoenix dental team to schedule your tooth replacement consultation and get started today. You can also check our dental blog each month to find out more about the services available from our team.



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